Ralph Wilson Youth Club awards a Boy and Girl of the Month monthly over the duration of the year to club members who exemplify qualities of leadership, kindness, selflessness, and are courteous to others. The award is voted on by the staff of RWYC and is presented monthly. Winners of the monthly award are eligible to win the annual Boy and Girl of the Year Award.

Madison Lockett



Madison Lockett is a 2nd grade student at Scott Elementary. Madison can best be summarized in three words, great role model. Other traits attributed to Madison are respectful, polite, engaging, and active. Madison expressed a love for everything about RWYC in her response to what she likes best about the youth club. But in listing her favorite areas she spotlighted the game room, movie room, arts and crafts room and the kitchen. Madison has tremendous relationships with the entire staff. She emphasizes how super nice the staff is at the youth club. Congratulations Madison! 

Hayden Whiteker



Hayden Whiteker is a 4th grade student at Jefferson Elementary. Hayden is known for his athletic prowess at the youth club. He can often be found in the gymnasium participating in football or basketball. Hayden is characterized as a ‘high energy’ member that always uses this energy in a positive manner. His energy translates into quick responses when asked by staff to assist or make a change. Hayden’s ‘will do’ attitude propelled him to being named Boy of the Year. Congratulations Hayden!