Ralph Wilson Youth Club awards a Boy and Girl of the Month monthly over the duration of the year to club members who exemplify qualities of leadership, kindness, selflessness, and are courteous to others. The award is voted on by the staff of RWYC and is presented monthly. Winners of the monthly award are eligible to win the annual Boy and Girl of the Year Award.



Arianna Arizmendi is a 6th grade student at Travis Science Academy. Known for her infectious smile, Arianna has truly grown up at Ralph Wilson Youth Club. Arianna has attended Ralph Wilson Youth Club since she started kindergarten. She has also been engaged in the youth club’s athletic program for four years. Pounding the volleyball over the net has become a true passion for Arianna. However, she is a well-rounded student-athlete. Her favorite subjects in school include Math and Social Studies. When the opportunity presents itself, she loves to listen to some of her favorite musicians. Her favorite area of the youth club is the teen room. When it comes to satisfying he appetite, Arianna prefers chicken nuggets from McDonalds. Arianna is the daughter of Sonia Rivas and Alex Arizmendi. 



Josiah Houston is a 4th grade student at Western Hills Elementary. Josiah has attended the youth club for four years. Although he arrived as a shy young man, his personality has truly evolved at the youth club. Josiah’s passion and energy is usually on display in the gym. A huge sports fan, he loves to play football in the gym. His love for football also translates into his passion for playing Madden Football on PlayStation. Josiah’s excitement for football extends beyond the youth club as he also participates in a local tackle football program. He aspires to be the next great Wildcat football player. His favorite football team is the Kansas City Chiefs. As a student, Josiah’s favorite subject is History. When given his choice of a meal, his favorite entrée is quesadillas. Josiah is the son of Jennifer Galsco and Szcequan Houston. 

2024 boy & girl of the month

                                                Magnolia Turner – January                                                                                            Joseph Steele – January

                                                Emma Silva – February                                                                                                         Jayce Tobar – February